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We are the happiest people on earth in over 85 countries globally, comprising of ordinary men and women doing the extraordinary.

We are a global family of businessmen, professionals, working people, with a deep concern for every nation and every race, networking thousands of people on weekly basis with Jesus Christ as our anchor. We train and equip one another to reach men in all nations for Jesus Christ and to encourage one another, as we share personal testimonies of the love , compassion and power of the Lord Jesus in our business, professional and social lives with others.

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Our Story


We are the largest network of Christian Businessmen in the world. Founded in 1953, we are in over 85 nations, meeting in thousands of chapters.

Our primary strategy is executed at the local level; yet the organisation is global in scope and reach. Designed to be a grass roots movement of ordinary businessmen, professionals and working people, the structure of our organisation purposefully seeks to push talents and resources to the local level- equipping the member to impact his or her local community or city.

God has a purpose for everyone for which reason He gives us gifts, talents, some special ability and opportunity to use for His Kingdom. If we find that gift, and use it , we’ll be “the happiest people on earth. And if we miss it, no matter how many excellent things we do, we’ll be utterly miserable.

Full Gospel

believe in and demonstrate the power of God in our lives in miracle healing, speaking in tongues and powerful deliverance.

Business Men

Laymen, ordinary people, becoming extraordinary through the power of the Holy Spirit. The group was started when Demos Shakarian, who was from Armenian background and living in the USA, saw a lack of men involved in Christian work. God gave him a vision to see men


Because we believe in the Bible – that it is God’s word to us that can challenge, inspire, equip, guide and give insight into God and his values and his Kingdom. We mobilized and equipped to be the men God called and destined them to be. As he was a business man he reached other business men with the good news that God was for them and loves them – his main vision was to see men involved in this and other Christian work. The ladies also have an important part to play as well and a “Ladies of the Fellowship” exists to equip ladies to reach other ladies with the Good News about the love of God.
A group of people who love to get together and witness the love, the compassion, the reality of Jesus Christ. We meet , work and pray together usually in a friendly environment (mainly in restaurants and hotels over a meal). It is a platform for those who want to find out more about the Christian faith other than a church building.


The whole world. All flesh. A deep concern for every nation and every race. The original vision that Demos had was of normal everyday people standing shoulder to shoulder around the world united as God’s people bringing hope and love to a needy world. FGBMFI is now in over hundred and forty two nations with hundreds of thousands of members and supporters.
What We Do Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship International tries to reach people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ by means of personal testimony (speaking about experiences) in the place of work. Local meetings (or Chapters) are organized regularly where members and non-members can come together (usually at a restaurant or hotel) and share experiences and encourage one another in the Christian faith. Wives may also attend these meetings. Many chapters are involved in arranging training workshops and seminars for their members and in some cases non-members are invited to these. These programs are in accordance with the aims of FGBMFI in that we undertake to train and equip our members and to strengthen them in their faith and witness. Regarding our relationship to churches, part of the purpose of FGBMFI is to bring greater unity among all Christians. A chapter is a place in which men from all denominations can join together in fellowship and in outreach to the town (or towns in their locality). The greater the number of different denominations or fellowships in a town that are represented in the chapter, the greater will be the unity of the local believers. A member of FGBMFI is normally expected to identify or be a member of a local church. We are not a church ourselves, nor aspire to be a church.

Our History

How It All Started

In the early 1900’s… led by God, the Shakarian family escaped the Holocaust in Armenia and made their home in Downey, California where they started a 20-Acre dairy with three cows. Faith in God, good judgment and hard work eventually multiplied that first little herd one-thousand fold, until in 1943 the Shakarian herd had reached three thousand, the largest private dairy in the United States at that time. Their story is found in the book, “The Happiest People on Earth,” read by millions of people and translated into 25 languages.

In 1953, after receiving a God-given vision (click here to read about the vision), Demos Shakarian started FGBMFI as one small chapter of businessmen meeting every week in Clifton’s Cafeteria in Los Angeles, California.

“Friends, I believe God has a particular gift for each one of us, some special ability we’re to use for His kingdom. I believe if we find that gift – and use it – we’ll be the happiest people on earth. And if we miss it, no matter how many exciting things we do, we’ll be utterly miserable.”
— Demos Shakarian, Founder

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James Mpele is a recognised Leadership and Diversity expert with more than 30 years’ experience. He has MSc in Training and HRM from Leicester University, UK. He has authored 3 books on Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging. He has been a Judge at the SABPP Employment Equity Diversity and Transformation awards since 2018. He has been instrumental in the revival of the Full Gospel Business Men Fellowship International in South Africa.


Linkford Pakiso Tsotetsi is a Businessman and Works for a Packaging Company as a Sale Executive. He is the Founder of Genuine Investments PTY Ltd. He has been a member of the Fellowship over a decade. He is married to Tshidi Tsotetsi, they are blessed with 3 children. He has excellent interpersonal relationship and exudes confidence and passionate about the things of God. Among his strengths are servanthood, strong sales skills, and the ability to manage difficult situations with a smile. He loves the Lord and has the heart of a servant.


Jerry Dikgale is married to Katie....with 5 kids. Resides in Alberton. Work background: started as a teacher in Soweto (Madibane High School). Joined Program for Technological Careers (PROTEC) as branch Co-ordinator. Then joined SA Institute of Management as Project Manager: Education Later joined Star Newspaper Ltd... served in several Executive positions. Currently co-owns a Travel Agency with wife, Both; entrepreneurs/MLM practitioners Recreation; keen traveller, Golfer, runner, avid reader, health fanatic & general outdoors Jerry, wife & daughter serve at the local Church... Have been a member of SA chapter of FGBMFI for more than 5 years


My name is Boitumelo Arthur Tlhakanelo. I am married to Zanele Tlhakanelo and we are blessed with 5 grown up children, 3 sons and 2 daughters and 4 wonderful grandchildren. I am a devoted citizen residing in Brackenhurst, Alberton for 14 years. I have been saved for more than 30 years and by God's grace, I am still the child of God. I have been a member of Full Gospel for just over a year and I love and look forward to our Saturday’s gatherings and Monday’s evening prayer meetings. The Lord has been good to me after being in retail management for 28 years. I am now running my own business in Motor Maintenance Industry. My workshop is based in Alrode, Alberton. God is good all the time.


Bernard Masoka is a Sound Engineer and the CEO of Sound and Sounds Media. He has extensive experience in the world of Television, Film and Radio and specialises in Final Mixing. In his carrier, he had the privilege of working on award-winning projects (Tempy Pushas, Tjovitjo, Nomalanga and the Witch, eHostela, Mamello and many more) To date Bernard Masoka has trained over 15 engineers through Sound And Sounds internship program. These engineers have gone on to start their carries and build successful businesses in the industry. Bernard is married to Dikeledi Masoka for the past 12 years and they are blessed with a beautiful 7-year-old daughter, Ndaloenhle Masoka.

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